AAdirondack Cheese Club


The New York Cheddar Cheese Gift that keeps on giving... Your first gift of the "Adirondack Cheese Club" will be delivered for the Holiday Season:

-In December: A custom Adirondack Cheese Co. dish towel, a 1-1/4 lb. brick of White Gold, a Horseradish Spread and a Port Wine Spread, a Summer Sausage and a jar of Dijon Honey Mustard.

-In March: Two more Cheddar Cheese Spreads; Cheddar and a Garlic & Herb, and four White Cheddar Bars; Extra Sharp, 3 Year Old, 5 Year Old and a 7 Year Old.

Your December gift will include a gift card from you, setting out what the "Adirondack Cheese Club" is. What a great way to extend the Holiday Season!

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